Spicing Up a Spice Rack

It’s been on the to-do list for a while to improve our spice rack situation in the kitchen. We weren’t sure exactly what we were looking for, but none of our local stores had anything particularly inspiring. So, when looking for stylish-yet-affordable home & kitchen items, where better to turn than IKEA? After wandering around […]

Carving a Cube

Non-digital creative pursuits have become somewhat of a rarity for me, and I’ve started mentally referring to them as “analog” projects. Usually it’s a simple sewing venture or a crafting piece of jewelry. Woodworking has never come into the picture until now. My company is moving into a new corporate office at the end of […]

How My Dad Turned Me Into a Geek

This anecdote is one I wrote sometime last year, and I thought it fitting to share on Father’s Day. Love you, Dad! My earliest memory of my dad and his tech was watching him type green characters on the black screen of an early Macintosh clone. He said he was making a game. I didn’t […]

Holidays 2012 Wrap-up

In the past, I’ve mentally glossed over Thanksgiving when considering “the holiday season.” It was something that just happened – over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we’d go, then we’d eat and head back again. No second thoughts (but plenty of second helpings). Until you actually attempt to host this event, you have […]

Pumpkin Carving 2012

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. As a kid, I had a big wooden chest full of dress-up clothes that I loved playing with, and Halloween was a justified excuse to wear costumes outside of my living room. Add in candy and the fact that it’s my birthday, and it’s the perfect […]

Startup Website Design

The company website was in dire need of a redesign. After working up more solid branding guidelines, the site was designed and hand-coded from the ground up. Later, it was transitioned to the WordPress platform for the benefit of a CMS. Three versions of the homepage were tested against one another in an effort to […]

Dashboard Design

A local startup wanted to increase user engagement on their site by including a profile and dashboard page. Their customer base is highly mobile, so a mobile-optimized version of the page was required. Skills: Website design, UI, mobile design

Ecommerce Email Design & Optimization

This ecommerce client was sending weekly sales emails, but seeing very little user engagement. By providing emails that combined branding, best practices, personalization, and smarter landing page linking, users’ clicks-to-conversions doubled. Skills: Email design, cross-client email coding, A/B testing, conversion optimization

Service Infographic

An online marketing company wanted an infographic to promote their marketing and optimization service. After breaking down the process into a series of steps, each one was illustrated with a graphic in the established style and color palette. Skills: Illustration